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This website is dedicated to the historical records and family tree of the Niralia's.!

Pt. Phool Chand Sharma

Whatever we are today you have been the backbone and support for us.

Our Journey

From where we originated to where we are today.
  • 1291   Surfacing in Kuldhara
    We are believed to be settled in the Pali region of Jaisalmer district. Once a prosperous settlement, all the residents of Kuldhara and bhramins of 83 nearby villages constituted and called PALIWAL BRAHMINS - it has been acknowledged by Historians that people from our gotra "Gargasya" lived in this region.
  • 1815-1825  Leaving Kuldhara
    We the Paliwal Bhramins made their fortune by the absolute brilliance of our trade and agricultural acumen. We knew the art of rising a water intensive crop like wheat in the Thar desert. All Paliwal Bhramins left Kuldhara and 83 nearby villages overnight and moved towards east
  • 1834  Niralia
    Our ancestors travelled all the way from the dunes of Thar desert and crossed Yamuna river to settle in Nirala a village in present Greater Noida.
  • 2010  Mahepa Jagir
    Some of our families also settled in Mahepa another village near Yamuna Khadar.
  • 2009  Junpat
    Finally our great grandparents were born in Junpat a village now in Greater Noida near Pari Chawk.